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The best cycling routes


Tashkent - Aksakata - Kumishkan

(18 voices)
Cycling route length: 157 km
Difficult route

One of the most interesting routes. You can start driving from Tashkent, and can be on the train to get to Gazalkent and from there go to Aksakata. Route complicated, it requires patience, sandwiches and plenty of water. But after passing it once you have it certainly never forget. Warn...

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New route


Kuilyuk - Klh Avangard - Kuilyuk

Ranking is not available
Cycling route length: 7 km
Elevation gain: + 92 m

Route for what to eat. Used for evening trips, when completely bored klh Political department. Collective farm Avangard, Cafe Chinor.

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